Hi! I’m Jim, a designer and coder. I use pixels and bits to create products that look and feel good.

Selected projects

Listen to the future

Client SIRE
Agency Dawn

Together with Dawn I made the website for the new SIRE campaign. This time it's all about the new generation, their refreshing view on three subjects: economy, sustainability and inclusivity. A mix of video bij , beautiful pictures by Lotte van Raalte and motivational quotes by this new generation.

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Really special croquettes from Amsterdam

Client Wilde Kroketten

For a new restaurant in town, Wilde Kroketten, I designed and built this simple but fun website. The website has a different color scheme every time so it will fit in with the identity by the amazing Hamid Sallali.

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The Amsterdam Zoo comes in colours

Client Natura Artis Magistra
Agency Dawn

To celebrate all the colours of Artis this season, Dawn invented this fun app. I worked closely with the creative team to realise this colourful project. The app became even more fun with voiceovers by Aart Staartjes and sound effects by Soundcircus.

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Fifty years of opera celebrated

Client De Nationale Opera
Agency Novel

In light of fifty years of Dutch National Opera & Ballet, there's a new opera festival in Amsterdam: Opera Forward. Together with Koelkast I designed the website for this festival. Brand identity and art direction is done by Lesley Moore.

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Improve your work with these seven hacks

Client Zorg en Zekerheid
Agency Dawn

When Zorg en Zekerheid asked Dawn to create something for potential business customers, they created '7 Work Hacks'. These hacks make your job more fun, productive and healthy. I coded this interactive one pager to help employees become more happy and productive. Esther Aarts created the illustrations.

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Quirky things to do in Amsterdam

Client Quirky Publishing

The 'Amsterdam without a Penny'-map is about cultural activities you can do without spending a penny. Together with a whole group of creative people we launched this project. I was responsible for the physical & digital map and the promotional website.

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